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  Motor: Specially Designed with Aluminum alloy Body, Having well Balanced Pressure Die-Cast Rotors are manufactured by us and Directly Coupled with the Blower casing. The Impeller is Fitted Direct on Motor Shaft Drive for Negligible Drive Losses.The motors are provided with Class B insulation as standard. Class F insulation can be provided on request  
  Impeller: The IMPELLERS are made of Aluminum, Rugged in Design & Dynamically Balanced for Vibration free long Service.  
  Casings: The CASING of Blowers is well designed for Optimum Performance & of welded construction steel sheet, Epoxy powder coated.  
  Mounting: The low weight and compact size of the blowers help mounting on the flange at the air outlet side. No separate brackets are required for mounting. To facilitate joining ducts to the suction side of the blower, flanges at extra cost can be supplied.  
  Dynamic Balancing: The Rotor-impeller assembly is dynamically balanced for vibration free running.  
  Quality Assurance: Our quality system begins at the design stage. Proper process is adapted at every stage to ensure productivity and consistency in quality. Jigs fixtures & tools are employed extensively to achieve the quality standards.